The world of Personal Training, Studios, and Health Clubs has changed dramatically in the last 10 years. With GROUPON, LIVING SOCIAL, and other discount/giveaway programs, it is truly challenging your ability to make a good profit doing what you love.
                   The SOLUTION? GET BETTER

    Beginning in May of 2017, Jim Warren will be leading a MASTER MIND Group limited to 20 of the best Fitness Business owners in the US and Canada.

  Jim, a PFP/FITPRO Personal Trainer of the Year Finalist and CERTIFIED MASTER TRAINER, is PASSIONATE about your results and can help you build a SYSTEM, train your TEAM, and build a PLAN to make your days easier, smarter, and more cost effective:

"I went out into the fitness industry to find a fitness professional that could lead the development of a proprietary fitness program. The objective would be to provide our franchisees (300+ studios) the tools they needed to improve client acquisition, frequency, and retention. Jim delivered on a product our owners and trainers are ecstatic with.  From creation to implementation, Jim did a fantastic job, exceeding all our expectations"        Jeff Jervik, CEO, Fitness Together

Jim not only runs his own facility, but he maintains a cutting edge grasp of current techniques and modalities: Not just 30+ successful years as a trainer and consult but TRX certified, ViPR MASTER TRAINER, SandBell MASTER TRAINER, KickBox, Kinesis, Premier Training Systems (UK) and many more. And Jim has taught in Japan, Italy, England, South Africa, Canada, and all over the US.

   But far more importantly, Jim builds GREAT TEAMS.             And WHAT DO GREAT TEAMS DO:                                           They Drive Culture, Retain Members, Create Profits:

1. A great Personal Training department (or trainer) directs the culture of a club or studio. Who else has as many 'touches' on the clients? 2. A great Personal Training department takes clients to where they have never gone before or will go alone. All great athletes have trainers right? And they have core knowledge and motivation. Our basic client has no chance alone, regardless of music, equipment, or discount.

In the past, clubs or studios relied on the building: Tile, Carpet, Paint. Then along came GroupX: Aerobics, then SPIN and PILATES, YOGA, even NIA. Then it was the equipment: Treadmills, then Elipticals and other cool gizmos. But members continued to move towards exciting, active, and motivating fitness (see: SPIN, PX90 and CrossFit...). What you or your club/studio needs is an ARMY of bright, educated, and financially motivated trainers who set the tone for the facility and keep your members happy. And that is what I do: BUILD GREAT TEAMS

Get your staff and facility POWERED UP with a Real-World Owner/Trainer who has helped trainers and clubs around the world-CALL NOW!

The purpose of the site is to allow Health Club owners and managers to get a feel for what my service or MASTER MIND could do for their (your) club(s) or to let their trainers know they have a mentor available to help them get to their goals. I am a successful 35 year veteran of the Health Club and Personal Training industry and my system of increasing service through a vibrant Personal Training department leads the industry in improving member retention and increased net dollars. Customers using my service typically grow between 5-10% monthly, average over 30% on net profit, and have the happiest trainers and members. How does that happen? Best Practices.

I have had the opportunity at different times in my career to have worn almost all the hats in the industry: sales rep, multiple club owner, and trainer/training manager and have had the good fortune to put together the best ideas from the best clubs. Working with 'one-off' clubs, small groups (3-10 clubs) and large chains from coast to coast, I have honed the process of developing or improving PT programs and sales processes to a precise science.

Why not 'rent' a World Class manager and give your PT program a 'kick in the pants'? Your members will be thrilled to finally get their desired results, your trainers will have a career track and never leave, and you will have a strong bottom line cash-flow machine. I guarantee my results and love a good challenge.

 Interested? Give me a call and let's discuss your situation and how I might be able to help. (303) 704-3994